Customer feedback

Customer feedback

“I have been having my eyebrows done by Julie for the past nine years, she has always made me feel relaxed and at ease, I trust her implicitly.
Julie is lovely, very professional and she has an impressive in-depth knowledge of her profession.
I have been thinking about a blepharoplasty for some time but didn’t like the thought of having a blade near my eyes so when Julie told me about the plasma pen, explained how it worked and that it was a non surgical procedure, I jumped at the chance of having it done.
I was nervous about my first session but Julie reassured me.
The treatment is easy, you make yourself comfortable and just lay there with your eyes closed. A topical anaesthetic is used so you don’t feel anything. The smell takes a little getting used to, but that is all.
I have now had my second session and will be booking in soon to have plasma treatment around my mouth and then it will be a boob lift with the plasma pen.
Thank you Julie, I think you will be seeing a lot of me xx Suzanne”

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